10 Jan 6 Stages of Dating


Dating in simple terms is a meeting between two persons to assess similar personality traits and interests to be casual or initiate romance to find a suitable match for relationship or marriage. Dating can be done in person or through the internet. Read below for the six different stages of dating: 1) The first stage set for the Introduction: In a modern world, dating is no longer regarded as a taboo so when two people decide to date, online methods like social media platforms or dating sites are an easy option. Otherwise, meet the person at a convenient time and dating friendly venue.   2) Developing a Strong liking is the second stage: This article is not about the childish crush we all once had for the eye-catching classmate, the favorite teacher or a celebrity but the actual sense of strong liking and affection to build a romantic relationship with the person you love. 3) To Openly Disclose the Crush is the third stage: It takes a lot of courage to be straight forward and open to the person for whom crush is established but what matters here is to express the feelings of crush to that person. There would be immense awkwardness right from the time meeting has taken place till now when the crush is revealed along with the hesitation to initiate calls or texting. In a way it’s good to confirm that the person you have feelings for is not seeing other people or taken by anyone else. 4) The Official Date is the Fourth stage: So finally after a long wait and efforts put in to make the initial interactions more familiar, comfortable and less awkward. The special day has arrived in getting to know the person well. It’s natural to be nervous, shy and uncomfortable when dating takes place but this is a significant chance and a reward for confessing the feelings in a better way and understand if the person whom you want in your life is worth to have or let go. Also, make sure to decide a perfect venue and be in best outfit for creating a remarkable first impression to start a dating relationship. datenight 5) To Establish a Relationship is the fifth stage: This is possible when you move out of hesitation level after successfully dating the person once or as many times mutually decided. This stage gives the freedom to have an identity as a casual couple for the informal interactions in the past, express love and affection and develop a stronger emotional bond between the two. 6) The Final Stage to become a Partner: This is the last stage to decide whether the couple wants to part ways due to incompatibility or continue seeing each other until a serious commitment of engagement or wedding is done to remain as partners in love till death does them apart.

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